Our mission is to unlock the potential of business and government working better, together.

Governments are becoming more transparent, which is great! But just because they’re making their information available, doesn’t mean it’s accessible or actionable for businesses. This clutter and confusion has made the term “working with the government sucks”, an unfortunate truism. It scares off great suppliers, and diminishes the value our taxes provide.

Enough is enough, so we’re taking a play out of Aristotle’s book – bringing together a world of messy government data (the “parts”) and building a knowledge-base (the “whole”) to give businesses a level playing field into working with the public sector.

The whole is greater than the sums of its parts.

Aristotle, Legendary smart-guy

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The Team

Jody Gilligan 🇦🇺

Growth Lead

John Witt 🇺🇸

Co-founder, CEO

Dilem Tekan 🇬🇧

Growth Associate

Nicholas Palmer 🇿🇦

Customer Success & Operations Analyst

Scarlett Cinotti 🇮🇹

Customer Success Manager

Stephanie Johnson 🇬🇧

Customer Success Lead

Taj Kamranpour 🇪🇨

Co-founder, COO

Craig Coleman🇬🇧

Customer Success Manager

Bianca Jemsten 🇸🇪

Software Engineer

Carsten Schaltz 🇨🇦

Co-founder, CPO

Philippe Ziya 🇬🇧

Lead Product Designer

Joe Johansen 🇬🇧

Software Engineer

Michael Holtom 🇬🇧

Software Engineer

Piotr Cwieczkowski 🇵🇱


Vishal Bhanderi 🇬🇧

Software Engineer

Fionn McConville 🇮🇪

Software Engineer

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